18 Month: March 2022 (page 1 of 2)

Autocrats burning up the elements that make democracy

Autocrats Burning Liberty

Autocrats are burning up the rights of civil liberty. There are no free and fair elections, no unbiased journalism, and an erosion of constitutional rights.

A monkey demon pointing the way to fun instead of obligations.

The Mischievous Monkey Demon

The mischievous monkey demon tries to lead me astray when I have other things to do. The monkey knows what I find most fun. Bad influence, but just…

A person who forgot their notes for a presentation.

The Bell Tolls for Thee

I forgot my notes and had to ad lib a presentation. Self-sabotage.

Return with special knowledge

Return with special knowledge

Responding to provincial and federal restrictions put a few speed bumps and added more costs to doing business. It also offered an opportunity to spend more time with…

An instructor drops slide carousels in front of the students.

Mistakes Were Made

Once, on the first day of class, I dropped two slide trays as I entered the room; the lids popped off, spilling all the slides in front of…

A winged figure emerges from the sea holding up a lantern to chaos


I have emerged from the sea of empathy, with newly formed wings, and hold up the torch to drive back the dark cloud of chaos. The sun is…

A figure is pushing a house.

Moving House is Traumatic

While I am grateful to own a home, selling a townhouse and relocating is traumatic at this time. I have no other place to go (yet).

breaking the shackles of an old job

Goodbye to time loss and travel time

I will fill this in later

something in the she sends me...

Kind of Calm

Looking at a screen as usual, getting lost in the messages, (even though they are kind)

My mentor (master) who is showing me two sides of myself, a farmer and wizard.

Mentor in the mirror

Through the power of drawing knew self knowledge can be accessed