2 Comics Categorized "06.5 Henchfolks and Villains**"

Henchfolks = Agents of mischief, chaos, and resistance who — intentionally or unintentionally — momentarily prevent the hero from moving in the direction of “The Good.” With cleverness and effort, the hero ultimately discovers/develops capacity to vanquish henchfolks.

Villains = Villains are like the hero in every way — same intelligence, strengths, weaknesses, personality quirks, attention to details — except for a huge difference in the valence of their moral code. With few exceptions, villains are mostly immoral/bad whereas heroes are mostly moral/good.

Because the hero and the villain are so perfectly matched in skills and strengths, it can take many attempts and failures for the hero to prevail over the villain. There can be many repeated scenes in the fight of Good vs Bad. The traditional story usually involves three fails and a win.

Note: This section is written by Jessica Motherwell McFarlane and not part of the original 14 steps in the hero’s journey.

Autocrats burning up the elements that make democracy

Autocrats Burning Liberty

Autocrats are burning up the rights of civil liberty. There are no free and fair elections, no unbiased journalism, and an erosion of constitutional rights.

A monkey demon pointing the way to fun instead of obligations.

The Mischievous Monkey Demon

The mischievous monkey demon tries to lead me astray when I have other things to do. The monkey knows what I find most fun. Bad influence, but just…