2 Comics Categorized "09. Apotheosis**"

Literally meaning “the elevation of someone to divine status,” the hero achieves a greater understanding thanks to their trials. This is the moment they ascend to that higher plane of existence—not only can they not go back to who they once were, they wouldn’t want to. It’s this understanding that gives them the key they need, and the resolve, to face the toughest part of their adventure.

A person with a giant eyeball for a head vibrating to the energy of the cosmos.

Cosmic Interconnectedness

I have a giant eye for a head and I am vibrating, in tune with the energy of the cosmos, feeling my interconnectedness with the largest to the…

A winged figure emerges from the sea holding up a lantern to chaos


I have emerged from the sea of empathy, with newly formed wings, and hold up the torch to drive back the dark cloud of chaos. The sun is…