2 Comics Categorized "a little help from my friends**"

Create a scene about a time when your back was against the wall, you were struggling to keep up with pandemic-related changes, and a friend came to the rescue.

A computer screen divided up into boxes to represent a Skype session with 8 people visible, as well as jackbox screen. A figure is in front of the computer with their arms raised. The words \\

Jackbox anyone?

Summer 2020, when we were still feeling too cautious to venture outside to see friends but were really feeling lonely and in need of a bit of fun…

A woman walks through the woods, with headphones on and in her ears she hears, \\

Hello from the other side….of the world.

I needed to get outside and be active for my own mental health early on (and now forever) in the pandemic and sometimes it was a struggle to…