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breaking the shackles of an old job

Goodbye to time loss and travel time

I will fill this in later

something in the she sends me...

Kind of Calm

Looking at a screen as usual, getting lost in the messages, (even though they are kind)

My mentor (master) who is showing me two sides of myself, a farmer and wizard.

Mentor in the mirror

Through the power of drawing knew self knowledge can be accessed

a sad face computer leads to a bright idea or care

Reaching a limit

I am reflecting on how an interaction with an overwhelmed instructor can lead to a cool project or care.

Image above: Stick figure person holding pom poms and smiling. Image below: stick figure person grabbing the sides of their face looking frustrated and stressed.

Inside out

I think we’ve all had moments where we’ve needed to be someone else’s cheerleader, but inside we’re feeling frustrated, stressed, and overwhelmed.

A computer screen divided up into boxes to represent a Skype session with 8 people visible, as well as jackbox screen. A figure is in front of the computer with their arms raised. The words \\

Jackbox anyone?

Summer 2020, when we were still feeling too cautious to venture outside to see friends but were really feeling lonely and in need of a bit of fun…

A person hiking uphill with a heavy backpack of grief.

Carrying My Grief Backpack Uphill

I’m hiking uphill with a heavy backpack of grief thinking about my mom’s urn and wondering who I am if I’m not someone’s daughter. The vulture waits for…

A person surrounded by work items trying to be Zen.

Be Kind. Be Calm. Be Safe.

Me surrounded by work items, trying to be Zen (and failing).

two figures sit on the beach with headphones on listening to a press conference with the prime minster who says \\

Calling the broads home

We were in Mexico laying on the beach listening to a press conference that let us know that things were very serious and that we were coming home…

Two contrasting scenes on top of each other - the top one, a person cheerleading and saying \

And she cried ant-shaped tears….

Early days of the pandemic, I was leading Zoom sessions for faculty cheering them on, letting them know that they could “make the pivot” to online. But really,…