4 Comics Tagged "KRYNOW"

A computer monitor open on an email inbox showing 12 million new emails. There are flames around the computer screen.

Putting out fires

There’s no end to the emails over the pandemic, and so often I feel like I’m putting out fires.

A computer screen divided up into boxes to represent a Skype session with 8 people visible, as well as jackbox screen. A figure is in front of the computer with their arms raised. The words \\

Jackbox anyone?

Summer 2020, when we were still feeling too cautious to venture outside to see friends but were really feeling lonely and in need of a bit of fun…

Image above: Stick figure person holding pom poms and smiling. Image below: stick figure person grabbing the sides of their face looking frustrated and stressed.

Inside out

I think we’ve all had moments where we’ve needed to be someone else’s cheerleader, but inside we’re feeling frustrated, stressed, and overwhelmed.

Two people walking a dog. The sun in shining behind them and there are hearts around the image. The hearts on the stick figures are shown.

And then we met Wally

In early June 2021, after months of applying for dogs, I got a message back from a great shelter that our application for “Mr. Wiggles” as he was…