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A figure in front of a screen full of zoom faces.


Much of my day is spent on Zoom. It gets tiring, but it’s okay if I can see the faces of my students.

A sleeping person is told to \

The Call to Adventure

When Covid-19 began, I was scheduled to go on a Paid Educational Leave. It impacted me very little that first year while I productively worked writing and researching…

An anxious person on the phone seeking I.T. help.

The Crack Where the Light Gets In

With a quick pivot from in person to online at the beginning of Covid, and having never taught online, I had technological problems that reduced me to tears….

A person within nature as trees bend with their message.

Meeting the Mentor

It is nature that saved me during the hard times of Covid, particularly listening with my senses to nature, and being mindful and occupying the present moment. I…

A person surrounded by work items trying to be Zen.

Be Kind. Be Calm. Be Safe.

Me surrounded by work items, trying to be Zen (and failing).

A person hiking uphill with a heavy backpack of grief.

Carrying My Grief Backpack Uphill

I’m hiking uphill with a heavy backpack of grief thinking about my mom’s urn and wondering who I am if I’m not someone’s daughter. The vulture waits for…

A figure is pushing a house.

Moving House is Traumatic

While I am grateful to own a home, selling a townhouse and relocating is traumatic at this time. I have no other place to go (yet).

A winged figure emerges from the sea holding up a lantern to chaos


I have emerged from the sea of empathy, with newly formed wings, and hold up the torch to drive back the dark cloud of chaos. The sun is…

An instructor drops slide carousels in front of the students.

Mistakes Were Made

Once, on the first day of class, I dropped two slide trays as I entered the room; the lids popped off, spilling all the slides in front of…

A person who forgot their notes for a presentation.

The Bell Tolls for Thee

I forgot my notes and had to ad lib a presentation. Self-sabotage.